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A Wake Up Call





Holy fuck. Hello, Rabbit Hole.

Maybe everyone in America should read this?

Oh dear. 

HAHAHAHA, Bloomburg is a fucking tool.

Members of the media had Mayor Bloomberg and police commissioner Kelly in the Blue Room at City Hall.  How many of them brought up that the media was essentially shut out of Zuccotti Park and the immediate area?  How many times can Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne cover up the NYPD’s obvious attempts at a media blackout?  How many New York Post reporters need to be subjected to “deliberate violence” before the New York Post covers the police brutality that’s occurred?

Members of the mainstream media, you are here on Tumblr and in your newsrooms.  Ask your news directors and managing editors and your investigative journalists why the NYPD is getting away with its own insidious form of censorship.  Read your press passes and ask why you’re suddenly being barred from crossing police and fire lines to cover stories.

The pen is mightier than the sword.  Now is the time to wield it.

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New York, NY — The NYPD have been occupying Liberty Square since 1:00am Tuesday morning, with the brand new occupation now set to enter its second day in just a few short hours. But will anyone listen to them when their message is so incoherent?

“What are their demands?” asked social historian Patrick Bruner. “They have not articulated any platform. How do they expect to be taken seriously?”

Critics of the new occupation allege that meddling billionaire Michael Bloomberg is behind the movement. Others question the new occupiers’ militant posture, concerned about the potential effects on the neighborhood.

“I suppose they have a right to express themselves,” said local resident Han Shan. “But I’d prefer it if instead they occupied the space with the power of their arguments.”

ABOVE: a rogue NYPD affinity group occupying the NY Stock Exchange

A gift for Allen

A gift for Allen

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